Thank you for buying our BLU TPMS product!


From the date of purchase, we provide a one-year warranty for the product against manufacturers defects. During the warranty period, under normal operation and in the event of a faulty product, the company will repair or replace the product at our discretion.


Product warranty claims must meet the following conditions:

  1. Defective products need to be provided to your local dealer to confirm purchase date and cause of defect.
  2. Products must be operated correctly, as indicated in the user manual, abuse is not covered.
  3. Product has not been altered or disassembled at time of return.
  4. The main cause of product failure is due to manufacturing issues.



This product is only to be used as precautionary warning and provides to user as a convenient secondary safety device. Please follow the standard installation procedures or ask a qualified tire shop to install the product.

If the tire has been damaged or a traffic accident resulting from improper driving behavior occurs, the company will not be responsible for any civil or criminal liabilities.



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